Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scout Camp

I survived another weekend at Girl Scout camp. As I said previously, this was a leader enrichment weekend. Since I am volunteer, but no longer a leader I took a couple of classes and taught a couple. Friday afternoon I started a wrapper bag. It's basically made like the gum wrapper chains I made back in junior high and high school, but using strips from potato chip bags and such instead. This is a picture of the sample because I have a long way to go on mine!

Saturday morning I taught a class for Daisy and Brownie leaders who needed some basic craft ideas. We made a frog puppet out of folded paper, a bat out of pine cones, a lightening bug out a of used water bottle and a glow-in-the-dark bracelet, tie dyed coffee filters, printed with bubbles, made daisies out of hand prints and paper plates, and made several different bracelets (pony beads, paper beads,and plastic tube beads). That was all in an hour and a half.

In the afternoon I took a one-stroke painting class. It's not my style. I'm not a real girly-girl. I prefer more abstract and bright colors, but I wanted to see what it was all about. I had a tray that was on it's way to Goodwill that I decided to paint. Turned out ok, but again, not my style...

Saturday night was an early evening... a short concert by a local singer, Ann Reed and then off to the tent in the pouring rain. I may have been wet when I got to the tent, but despite torrential downpours off and on all night, the tent stayed dry.
Sunday morning I taught a simple bookmaking class. Unfortunately, the books were simple, but trying to keep 10 people on track, I was too busy to take pictures. When I clean out my supplies and find the samples I will post so me pictures of them. Most of them were actually variations of the ones found at

Now I can finally get back to stuff for my show in May.... and my drawings for Everyday Matter.

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