Thursday, August 13, 2009

EDM 236 The Palm of my Left Hand

Drawing hands has never been my strong suit, but I told myself I was going to try to stick to getting at least the current week's drawing done and then if I have time, do one of the past ones. We'll see how this works. I didn't take as much time on it as I could have as I have been getting ready to go to Girls Scout camp tomorrow. 

250 adults gathering for an enrichment weekend. Fun classes, training, and relaxation time with lots of great women who spend a lot of time help girls become strong women. I get to take a class making a bag out of old chip bags and another one is a painting class. I'm leading a class on simple craft ideas for younger scouts and a simple bookmaking class. I'm going to try and take pictures of the different projects I'm teaching during class and then post them. The bookmaking is using a lot of the patterns on this blog She has some great ideas.

Keep your fingers crossed for great weather!

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