Saturday, August 8, 2009

EDM 235 Flutterby

When I told my husband the theme of the drawing for this week, he said he wished I had said something BEFORE he washed his truck. Evidently he had a fairly intact butterfly smushed on his windshield. I guess I really wasn't in the mood to sit on the hood of his truck or inside the cab to draw anyway.

I really struggled with this drawing. I tried a Monarch (Minnesota's state butterfly) in two different wing positions. Both of those attempts are in the recycling bin. The wing markings were much too intense for me. I also had trouble with the idea of doing one in black and white... except for some very gorgeous black and white ones that I did find on the internet. I liked the blue on this one (I think it's actually called a Karner Blue
Butterfly that used to be common in Ohio). I have some new colored pencils that I thought I would try for this one. I used a Micron pen for the initial drawing and then did the colored pencil. 

It actually looks a little better on the screen than it does in my sketchbook. 


  1. Great attempt and I think it's something that'd be so meaningful and memorable ^^

  2. I think the color and shading is great, and it is easily identifiable (I did some quick research) as the Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly! Good job!

  3. I agree with Dan - I think you did a wonderful job with the colors in it. Well done! nancy