Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally... Another Post

I have fallen a little behind on everything. The weekend after the scout conference, I went to northern Wisconsin to my Dad's cabin. The annual scholarship golf tournament in my cousin's name was being held. Normally it was in September on one of my encampment weekends. I had to take advantage of the fact that they moved it up and go up to help out. Unfortunately, by the time the weekend was done, I had a major attack of my allergies and was approaching a sinus infection. As a result... nothing has gotten done around my house. 

Thank goodness for the upcoming long weekend. Now that I am feeling better, I am hoping that I can get the house cleaned up a little and then get back downstairs to my artwork.

As a start, these are the last two drawing posts for Every Matters. #237 is the view under my bed and #238 is something from a first aid kit.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better! Very nice little drawings. nancy