Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stones in the water?

Well, the Girl Scout Prairie Flower encampment was a huge success. The new projects I came up with for the girls were well received. The shaving cream marbling, which I was most concerned about not working, worked! They turned out fantastic... of course, I forgot to take my camera to prove this! This was a project I tried in a class duringThing-a-Day. We just couldn't figure out a way to keep the colors vivid. Here's the process we found worked for camp.

1. Soak the fabric in soda ash and water. Dry. 
2. Spread cheap (Barbasol type cheap) shaving cream about 1/2" thick on a flat surface. 
3. Drizzle liquid dye over the shaving cream. Using a stick or fork or something like that drag through the dye until you get the affect you want.
4. Lay fabric over top of shaving cream. Smooth slightly over the top....very lightly.
5. Let set 5-10 minutes
6. Peel off and let shaving cream dry on it. Brush off when dry.
7. Iron from the back side to set dye.
8. Rinse.

These were a bigger hit than the tie dye has been in recent years.

So, the encampment is done. Youngest daughter and her husband have moved out of our basement. She graduated with her masters in nonprofit management this past weekend. The party afterwards was at our house..... another thing done. 

Maybe.... just maybe.... I will now have some time to work on some of my art. 
This is an Illustrator mock-up of what my next piece may be.... Once again it will be tissue paper on canvas. Maybe a little more collaging this time..... and more can lids. It kind of reminds me of stones in a creek. At least in my mind...

We'll see.....

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  1. You sure do come up with interesting projects!