Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yet another silk screen...

I'm afraid I am not very good at this blogging thing. My intent had been to try and do a thing-a-week vs a thing-a-day (as in February) and post them here. Well, the best laid plans right? 

This is a new screen design for another encampment in the Fall called, obviously (or I hope it's obvious) Western Skies. It's the 25th year of the encampment so we wanted something a little special. There is one other encampment in the Fall that I want to try and do another screen for also.

I did finally give up trying to create the silk screens myself. I am running out of time for the May Girl Scout encampment. A friend of mine has someone that makes them quickly and very inexpensively. Sold! Now I am free to buy the supplies for the new programs we are going to do... not to mention get the instructions together for them too. Another friend has given me some suggestions that might help solve my issues. I'll try playing with the whole silk screen building process some more after the encampment.

Some of the new programs we are going to do are (some of these were Thing-a-Day postings):

Bathtime Indulgences - The girls will make there own bath salts and bath bombs

Simple Books - I'm teaching this and we will make a star book into necklace. We'll also make a book out of envelopes. We may do one more if we have time. (you can only do so much in an hour). I have a book pattern that is a simply a brown paper bag cut apart and folded.... no gluing or stitching. We'll see.

Memory Wire Bracelets, Picture frames with crayons glued on, Bags out of Bandanas.... and more. I'm having fun coming up with new programs for this encampment, but it is only 3 weeks away. Yikes!

Time to get ready for the real world job!



  1. Have a great camp!
    Sounds like you've got some really fun things set up!