Monday, November 23, 2009

Drawings done, but now I haven't got any more done on paintings...

Can you tell I want to be able to do it all? There just isn't enough time in the day.

These are a couple of drawings I did for Everyday Matters. I'm still behind and I am not really happy with them, but they are what they are.... at least I am drawing. The squirrel is a little knick-knack left by a former co-worker. The coffee pot is one of the big gray ones we use over the campfire (mine is going to eventually be a flower pot). The last is a deadbolt lock.

Like I said, I haven't had time to do much for my show. I am trying to get a few things done for a craft table at my Girl Scout alumni. All of the proceeds go for scholarships for older scouts. The snowmen below are some of what I am working on.

Along with that, I am trying to get the house ready for this weekend. It's the beginning of our annual candy making sessions. Mostly peanut brittle.

It's a tradition of my husband's family. They have been making it since just after WWII. My husband and I took over the tradition about 21 years ago. This weekend we will have 20 or so people to make candy. Everyone brings the ingredients for however many batches they want to make along with an appetizer and something to drink. We start at noon and eat drink and make candy until we have them all done. Then we do it again the next weekend! 30+ batches. Plus, I make caramels, toffee, turtles and other things.

So there goes this weekend. I'm not complaining though... lots of family and good friends. I can't imagine starting the Christmas season without these get-togethers!

Time to call it a night so I have some energy.


  1. Beautiful post! I like the way you do the shading of your drawings, like the dead bolt lock, and I really like the coffee pot(like I commented on someone else's earlier, I like camp fire stuff I don't know why ^^)
    Oh yeah, by the way, the snowmen are awesome!

  2. Great artwork. I like how you sketched, shaded, and chose the compositions, especially the lock. You are very talented in art and design (snowman).

  3. I really like the deadlock bolt! And the composition on the page - I never think of doing things like that. So simple to cut it off on the side and the top, and it makes the composition so much more interesting.

  4. I love those tiny heads on the snowmen!!! I would never have THOUGHT of turning a shirt shape into a snowman.

    Maybe that's why YOU do the art and I do the copious blogging!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I like the sketches, great composition on the lock. The snowmen are very cute! You are busy!