Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wow... a month since I last posted

Boy, I really got behind in September. I had a couple of encampments and then was out of town. When I got back, I got one of the many creeping crud things that's going around. I finally have the energy to get back to some sketching.

Here are 3 EDM sketches.....

#243 is a picture of a pillow (or 2).

#244 is the oldest thing in my refrigerator. I'm not even sure where this jar of chutney came from probably my daughter since it is mango). Who knows how long it's been in there!

Finally, #245 is something "October". Hopefully you recognize a piece of pumpkin pie. My husband's birthday was yesterday and after two attempts, I finally got his birthday pie made. Did you know that a pumpkin pie won't thicken if you forget the eggs? 25 years I've been making them for him... wouldn't you think I would know that by now?

Now it's time to get serious about my other art work. Not only am I doing a showing at the local library in the month of May, but a nearby town's library also contacted me about showing there in July. Definitely time to focus!


  1. Perfect in depth, shadows and light control. I also like the constant outlines you placed, kind of reminding the audience that this is a drawing, not a photograph ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love pumpkin pie!

  3. Nothing better than an up coming show for motivation. Very nice drawings - your pie piece reminds me i haven't eaten

  4. Mmm, yes, I've goofed on cooking at times. You know the recipe so well you don't pay attention and that can zap you as you found out. Your drawings are great.

  5. Awesome drawings. Love the style and character of your art.

  6. Love all the drawings, but the pumpkin pie looks especially yummy!